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Landscaping Recruitment & Job Leads made simple.


We're changing the game.


Imagine if you had Unlimited candidates to hire & Unlimited job offers...




Are you constantly struggling to balance hiring new staff while trying to ensure there's enough work?

These are the biggest roadblocks for every Australian Landscapers growth.

We're here to solve both.

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*Are you an Australian Landscaping Business struggling to find staff & get jobs?

We guarantee we'll find you a qualified candidate for ANY role within 7 days or your money back.*


- We advertise, source, qualify and contact the best applicants for you.

- We market your business in front of the right people to ensure you've got the freedom to pick from unlimited project offers. 

*Most clients save upwards of 30 hours per week & thousands in costs, as well as solving the 2 primary growth bottlenecks.*

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How we're beating every agency in the industry.

Ultra-low cost per hire and Unlimited Job Leads

Our method costs just $10 per applicant in advertising spend & is supported by campaigns that attract a massive client audience.

This means you no longer have to spend any time creating job ads, sourcing and qualifying applicants, advertising your business, and worrying about finding the next job.

This is 30x more efficient when considering total costs and time associated with manual hiring & marketing processes.

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Effective sourcing

Most agencies will head hunt & pick pre-existing candidates from previous jobs, meaning they're recycling candidates who were unsuccessfully hired by previous clients...

We're here to organically source candidates through paid advertising & simultaneously provide you with jobs.

We understand the importance of sourcing applicants & clients who are engaged and aligned with your companies brand, culture and design.

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Ground-breaking strategy

Candidates are provided an automated & easy-to-complete application form that filters out only the most suitable and qualified applicants.

This makes the hiring process for yourself and the candidate extremely time efficient and simple to undertake to retain the best quality possible.

And, we design and integrate your marketing campaigns simultaneously to create a cutting-edge process for you to use forever.

Book a Free 15 minute chat to see exactly how we can guarantee you qualified applicants & jobs - fast.

*NOTE: Clients must be prepared to receive a sudden influx of work & revenue - we cannot support with internal management.*

Still not sure if it would help you?
Read our case study to see exactly how it works.

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Read the client success case study below;

REVEALED: client case study with huge results;

A Case Study in Efficiency and Cost Savings.



Landscaping businesses have long struggled with the time-consuming and labour-intensive process of sourcing and qualifying job applicants. However, the introduction of our automated recruitment system promises to transform the hiring landscape, offering significant benefits in terms of both time and cost savings. In this case study, we explore the remarkable results achieved by one landscaping business that embraced our cutting-edge solution.


Client Profile:

A mid-sized landscaping client of ours named YS Landscaping (who wishes to remain anonymous), traditionally spent an average of 60 hours per month manually sourcing and qualifying job applicants. This time-consuming process involved posting job ads, sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates. With our automated recruitment system, YS Landscaping aimed to streamline their hiring process and reduce associated costs.



1. High labour costs: The 60 hours spent per month on hiring activities translated into significant labour costs for YS Landscaping.

2. Inefficiency: Manual sourcing and qualification often led to hiring delays and missed opportunities.

3. Uncertainty: Traditional methods offered no guarantees of finding the right candidates.


Our Solution:

YS Landscaping decided to partner with our recruitment marketing agency to implement our automated recruitment system. This system combines targeted paid advertising with advanced screening algorithms to source and qualify applicants more efficiently.



- YS Landscaping allocated a monthly budget of $600 for our services (We average $10 per acquired applicant, sourcing and qualifying included).

- We created highly targeted online job ads to attract potential candidates.

- Our automated system used data-driven algorithms to assess applicants, ensuring only the most qualified candidates reached YS Landscaping's HR team.









1. Massive Time Savings:

   - With our automated system, YS Landscaping reduced their monthly hiring time from 60 hours to just only a COUPLE hours.

   - HR staff previously involved in manual sourcing and qualification could now focus on other critical tasks, such as employee training and development.


2. Significant Cost Reduction:

   - YS Landscaping's previous hiring process incurred monthly labour costs of $3,600 (60 hours of work).

   - After implementing our system, their monthly expenditure dropped to a fixed cost of $600, resulting in an impressive 83% cost reduction, PLUS the countless hours that could have been utilised elsewhere.


3. Improved Quality of Candidates:

   - Our system's advanced algorithms ensured that only highly qualified applicants made it through to the interview stage.

   - YS Landscaping reported a noticeable improvement in the quality of candidates they were able to hire, leading to reduced turnover and enhanced productivity.



The case of YS Landscaping serves as a compelling example of the transformative power of our automated recruitment system. By reducing hiring time, cutting costs, and improving the overall quality of candidates, our solution has allowed YS Landscaping to focus on what matters most – growing their business and serving their clients.


We invite landscaping businesses to consider the incredible benefits our service offers, as demonstrated in this case study. Embracing automation in the hiring process can lead to substantial time and cost savings, ultimately driving success and profitability in the competitive landscaping industry.

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Actual numbers taken from client's campaign
(August 21st 2023)

Our mission..

We are the leading innovators in the Recruitment sector, collectively operating for Landscaping & Construction businesses seeking acquisition of the highest quality employees - without needing expensive recruitment agencies long term. 


An automated recruitment system serves as the cornerstone of an efficient and effective hiring process, delivering a multitude of benefits that significantly impacts a company's success.

Landscaping businesses who use our unique & cutting edge system experience the following;

- Unlimited high quality staff

- Complete removal of staff & team shortages

- Freedom to scale at an accelerated pace


And within the recruitment process;

- Automatic qualifying of candidates

- Pre-interview screening and communication

- Consistent top-pick recommendations


And overall business growth;

- Increased Social media reach

- Increased brand awareness

- Greatly increased project volume


High-quality talent acquisition funnels are not merely a luxury but a necessity for businesses seeking to thrive in the modern world.

By attracting the right talent, streamlining the hiring process, enhancing the candidate experience, and removing the manual labour associated with hiring, our detailed and ground-breaking processes empower organisations to secure the best talent available at no time-cost and gain a major competitive advantage in today's ever-evolving market.

Market Analysis

Consistent Quality

Our consistency focused recruitment strategies provide a steady flow of potential candidates, even if there are no immediate job openings. This continuous talent pipeline allows our clients to receive a steady and high volume of applicants for when you need them most.

Competitive Edge

The landscaping industry can be competitive, and attracting quality candidates requires standing out from other businesses. Effective recruitment marketing is now best leveraged using automation to allow for the most efficient and time effective system possible.

Time Efficient

Recruitment marketing puts the power in your hands. Say goodbye to long waits for even a single worthwhile applicant, and say hello to consistent and highly qualified candidates generated on demand, ready to interview and hire. This can take as little as 12 hours.

No Lock in contracts

Risk free vacancy filling

Open & Transparent 24/7 communication

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Ed Waters, Founder & Lead of Operations 

Ed is the director and founder of Water Media, and has years of workplace experience in Sales, Marketing, Business development and Customer service.

Currently managing a small business and leading a sales team, Ed understands on a deep level the importance of strong workplace culture, as well as trust and connection for all team members to ensure customer fulfilment is paramount.

Who we've worked with..

"..Enthusiastic, reliable, gets the job done to a very high standard."  

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