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Australian Agency Owners & Coaches:
Struggling to hire Aussie speaking Appointment setters without going BROKE?

The only way to consistently book 20+ appointments per week in High ticket B2B sales,
Is by having a large team of sales reps to do all the painful cold calling, prospecting & setting for you.




What if I told you...

That there's a way to get KILLER sales reps, that requires No hourly pay, so you can guarantee 20+ meetings per week, & sign high ticket clients worth Thousands of $, within days.

But I know your next problem...

"How can I possibly afford to pay 10 Australian speaking, Skilled & Experienced sales reps to do All the work for me, & fill my calendar, without paying $1000 per day?"


Receive access to our exclusive New  system, the

Set & Scale Method.

Custom built for Australian B2B Agencies, Selling High Ticket,
The Set & Scale method guarantees a multi-rep sales team, who are
Australian speaking, and require $0 pay, until you sign the clients.

Sounds too good to be true?

That's what we first thought....

I scaled Water Media, my Trade Staffing Agency using this exact
Set & Scale method.

(This is my official business website, you'll see our Trade business staffing home page @ the 'Home' page.

So How did I do it?

2 years ago I couldn't figure out how to consistently book meetings in a High ticket B2B industry, at a Low cost...

And I always knew that 1:1 cold calling & appointment setting was by far the most effective way of obtaining clients...
But, It felt IMPOSSIBLE to pay Australian Sales reps enough when I had No starting capital.

This was until I discovered the
Set & Scale
 method that let my business
Water Media
Skilled, Experienced, Australian speaking Killers,
 On commission only deals.

It's finally time to say Goodbye to no new meetings, endless cold calling & useless marketing campaigns.

With the Set & Scale system, you will receive:
- Our exact method to Attract & Qualify highly skilled sales reps.
- Highly specific
training processes to get your reps closing deals within Days
- Full hiring & nurture procedures including 
interview questions, commission negotiation, and expectation setting.
- Ultra specific, official Onboarding documentation
 for new setters. 

We'll show you the full strategy for Free by jumping on a quick call with us!

Book your Free 15 minute call to see exactly how you can implement this into your operations & receive setters at no cost, within 48 hours GUARANTEED.

How do you know our service is legit?
This is our official business website for our trade clients, so have a look at the home page while you're here!

Alexa Young, CA

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But you get exclusive access for free.

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This is a no pressure, no obligation call that you'll receive the essential resources to get started.

All you have to do is fill out the quick questions and select a time to chat,



We look forward to speaking with you!

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