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Simple & Effective Landscaping Recruitment.


We're taking recruitment agencies out of business.


1. We're the only agency in the industry giving away the secrets and implementing an effective recruitment system directly into your operations.


2. Recruitment agencies can charge $10,000 for individual placements that may have to be filled time and time again.


Our system costs $10 per placement,

and gives you the power.

What is our 'Recruitment Machine'?

 It's an Easy to use Automated Facebook & Instagram Hiring Funnel.

Did you know that 73% of job seekers are passive?

This means that 3/4 of candidates are not using Seek, and not actively looking for a job.

This is why finding staff has remained so difficult.

Step 1.

Job ad designs are created inline with your brand.

Step 2.

Job position specifics embedded into the social media ad process.

Step 3.

Custom designed qualifying algorithms in place to attract the best candidates.

Step 4.

Pre-qualified candidates delivered directly to you, on av. every 24 hours*

Our innovations, done for you.

Stop paying thousands for placements, and attract qualified applicants immediately.

On a $10 daily budget, clients can expect to receive 1 applicant per day.*
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See how our client received 17 Qualified Candidates within 1 week.

Obtain a simple solution to your staffing shortages, without the headaches & exorbitant fees.

Book your free qualifying chat today.


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